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Fritz Schuler

1981 - In Came That Rooster - Traveler 8101 LP  With Various Artists

“Groundhog” (banjo) “Whoa Mule”(Banjo) -backup guitar and vocals on most other  numbers- (Out of Print)

1987 Clayville Music Festival -  cassette - Gin Ridge Records #1002 - Live festival recording - Various artists including John Pearse, Sara Grey, Lee Murdock, etc. One song “Frank Dupree” (Out of Print)

1988 - Gerri Gribi - It’s a Dog’s Life - cassette- Lillyfern  LR46

-Backup guitar on “It’s a Dog’s Life”,”Blue & Pink”  and

“Angel Band” - (Out of Print)

1989 - Favorites -GR1001 - Cassette - Songs  include:

“Milwaukee Blues, Dupree’s Blues, Old Country Rock, Sugar Hill, Trouble on My Mind,Gold Watch & Chain, So Long To The Family Farm (Don Lange),  Stealin’, Rocky Road to Dodgeville, John Hardy,  Mississippi Sawyer, Waterbound, The Titanic, Mississippi  Heavy Water Blues -(Out of Print) Reissued on CD 2012 (GR1001) -(Out of Print)

1991 - Jym Mooney - It Ain’t a Sin To Grin - Moo Town MTP003 - Cassette- Banjo on “Groundhog” - out of print. (Reissued on “East Side Guy” CD)

2020 - Some Cold Rainy Day -GR1002 - CD - Songs include:

Cannonball Blues, Stackolee, Free Wheeling Hobo,Sundown, Some Cold Rainy Day,Black Dog Blues,Tempy, Step it Up and Go, The Coo Coo, Mississippi Heavy Water Blues, Lynchberg Town, Sugar Hill, Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor, Going Across The Sea,